about myo-genesis

Myo-Genesis is made up of a small team of dedicated individuals, with a BIG dream: To make the best supplements available on the market, at an affordable price so everyone can benefit!

“We want to educate and create awareness of the importance of proper supplementation” Robert Harris, CEO and Founder of Myo-Genesis.

Myo-Genesis began as a dream back in 2009, and through a series of events, evolved into a stunning reality. After a lot of hard work, countless hours and an incredible team of talented individuals, the goal was achieved.


As the years go by, Myo-Genesis continues to grow. From our humble beginnings, when we were selling out of the back of a truck till today, where our products are available not online, but also in various stores across the States and in the Caribbean.


Do you want to lose weight or maybe bulk up on lean muscle mass, but are not sure which products are right for you?
We have put together the best combinations of our products to help you achieve your goals and explode through your training plateaus!


Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who expects the best in our products. Our line is comprised of all pharmaceutical grade supplements, manufactured in FDA approved laboratories, with only the purist, raw materials to make an essentially unparalleled premium brand.