Extreme Fat Loss Support

Sustained Energy & Focus

Maximum Appetite Control

Get ready to embrace the next generation of fat burner that is blazing the weight-loss trail. Blaze EFX is a new-age fat burner that has a special blend of all natural products, a unique combination of plant extracts while fortified with ingredients that naturally are produced in the body’s metabolic pathways. It is as safe as consuming a well-balanced organic meal.


Blaze EFX promotes enhanced muscle performance, heightened endurance, rapid cell repair, maximized sustained energy, improved mental functions and enhanced focus. It is guaranteed to revitalize your routine workout and propel it to the next level in order to obtain that ideal physique.


Blaze EFX contains a variety of stimulants such as, Chocamines and Guarana seed that are multipurpose in reducing mental fatigue, assisting weight loss, suppressing appetite and improving mental and physical performance.


Other ingredients include, Rhodiola Rosea which improves moods that may be brought on by dieting and Cayenne pepper which contains Capsaicin, a natural fat burner. As an extra boost, Guggul, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Propionly-L-Carnitine have also been added to aid in weight loss, where the latter two, even assist in rapid cell repair and muscle recovery.


Concerned about being too stimulated after a workout or during bed time? Well, Blaze EFX has an ingredient that counteracts that effect. When the body is ready, 5-HTP signals the brain to release serotonin, a hormone that aids in preparing the body for proper rest.


Blaze EFX is your multipurpose fat burner that satisfies all your weight-loss needs.


Blaze EFX is a natural recipe that assures results with little, to no, side effects!


Looking for that ideal supplement to ignite and incinerate that unwanted fat, well burn away with Blaze EFX!

How to take Blaze EFX:

As a dietary supplement take one (1) capsule in the morning. Do not exceed two (2) capsules in a 24 hour period. Do not take past 4pm. Use for no longer than eight weeks straight, followed by an off period of at least two weeks before resuming use. Read entire label before use and follow the directions provided.