100% Pure Whey Isolate

Digestive Enzymes For Absorption

Lactose Free

Gluten Free

Amazing Taste

Myo-Isolate is one of the purist whey isolates on the market today. It has been double micro filtered to greatly reducing lactose sugars and eliminate other impurities that can be found in a variety of dairy products. Do to this extensive refining process Myo-Isolate has been given the classification of being a pharmaceutical grade whey isolate.


Myo-Isolate is also a multi-funtional supplement that can be taken before your workout, after workout or at any time throughout the day as a meal replacement or add on.


Myo-Isolate is designed to help support:

  • Building of lean muscle
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Fat Loss
  • High protein/ Low Calorie servings
  • Perfect for Lactose sensitive persons


Why Myo-Isolate?
Myo-Isolate is ideal for any active or non active individual that is looking to add a quality Isolate protein to their lifestyle. It is perfect in its ability to support a variety of nutritional and fitness programs from aerobics to weight training and beyond. Our formula is specially engineered for quick absorption to ensure optimal muscle repair and recovery. Myo-Isolate is not only easily digested and mixes smoothly but, extra measures were taken in the design process to ensure every isolate flavor tastes amazing!

How to take Whey Isolate Protein:

Details Coming Soon.